Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Oh, Tokyo

Catching some M*A*S*H reruns on CHCH-TV, including the Loudon Wainwright III troubadour episode "The Bridge".

Oh, Tokyo...

Friday, November 16, 2018

One Man's Garbage...

In one of his whimpering appeals on the show, Frank pleads, "I ask for so little, and I give so much."  Ever feel the same way, though you don't plead it as only Liver Lips could? 
Recently, a colleague made a co-operative gesture on my behalf.  I immediately thought of the episode in which Frank uses the above rationalizing phrase.
I inevitably end up taking out the garbage.  Each Monday night, I'm reminded of that Season Four episode in which Frank is proud to be given the odiously odiferous task of dealing with the 4077's garbage.  Proud to have been given the title 'garbage officer', he even organizes a garbage auction for the business-minded indigenous people.  Hawkeye buys the garbage and dumps it on the Jeep of a detestable officer, using a helicopter sling.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Super-Limo and a Terrible View

I was very impressed by each Super-Limo.  No doubt a Russian prototype.  Certainly not a General Motors product.  The Portraitmobile was particularly impressive.  The hearse was so long it had two sets of rear-view mirrors.  I slept in and got there late and so my standing spot (each one geometrically measured and marked with a small masking-tape 'X') was awful and I couldn't see much:
Doesn't have much to do with M*A*S*H* but both happened on the Korean Peninsula.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fudge Factor

During a particularly hot spell in camp, Tony Baker, a soldier and husband of one of the nurses, is smuggled in to Hot Lips Houlihan's tent under 'quarantine'.  When Hot Lips finds this out, she confronts the nurses, who in turn air their concerns about her aloofness with them.  A terse nurse standoff is the result, with Hot Lips finally airing her exasperation by emotionally asking them, "Did you ever once even offer me a lousy cup of coffee?"

Now, I like fudge. I really like fudge and I have recently received some.  It reminded me of this episode.  And a whole pot of hot fudge gets thrown and wasted in this episode.  That notwithstanding, the take-home message here is that aloofness breeds exasperation.  But if you can live with the exasperation, aloof away the day.  Hot Lips is a damn good nurse and a leader, and all she really wants is to be respected, included and if it so happens, liked.

On right, Linda Kelsey, who later starred with Ed Asner on the television series Lou Grant as Billie, the crusading but soft-hearted reporter.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Behind that Desk

Henry Blake was at home behind the antique desk he had flown in from Bloomington, Indiana. Somewhat less at home was Hawkeye, during the episode when he's acting C.O. Also required to carry a gun, Hawkeye is not receptive do the various duties he must perform - settling disagreements, signing things, and oh, carrying the gun.

When the actual C.O. returns, Hawkeye is bent over his desk wearing bathrobe and pistol belt, furiously signing and rubber-stamping paperwork. He's asked "Is that what I look like behind that desk?" His willingness to relinquish his duties is obvious.

Sometimes it's obvious that we're not happy behind whatever desk we have to occupy in life. Do you want someone asking you "Is that what I look like...?" if your discomfort is that obvious? I know I don' as a colleague reminded me "Take that frown and turn it upside down". Thanks to 'Joan' for that.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

When that battle was over

Are you good at what you do? Or do you just think you are.

In the "Novocaine Mutiny" (pun intended) Captain Pierce's ability and character are called into question. Through various versions of the same events (Pierce testifies that the only thing the versions have in common are that it was October and they were in Korea) it is determined that the questioning was unfounded.

Colonel Carmichael, from JAG played by actor Ned Wilson (pictured) in his ruling states that while he wouldn't want to lead a company of Pierces into battle, he'd sure as hell want them around when that battle was over. Colonel Carmichael said a lot in that one sentence.

Pierce was good at what he did. He didn't always think he was, but he was. He once told Frank Burns he could out-operate him above the table and out-drink him below the table. The complete package.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hawaiian shirts

OK, I like wearing Hawaiian shirts occasionally. My wife thinks I should only wear them at a Hawaiian-themed party, or in Hawaii, or for all I know, while drinking Hawaiian Punch. As you can see, Hawkeye and Trapper often wore them while off-duty, shown here teeing-off from the helipad.